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Keep Your Salt On The Rim.

Not In Your Water, Business, Home, Landscaping or Entryways.

No more unsightly residue tracked into your homes and businesses. No more corroded surfaces and metals. No more irritated paws tormenting your pets. No more damaged plants and waterways. With Entry, you can say goodbye to salt and melt ice quickly and safely.

  • 100% free of chlorides and urea
  • Safe for humans, pets, plant life and waterways
  • Works up to 20x faster than granular de-icers
  • MUCH lower cost per application than traditional granular products
  • Slashes maintenance/cleanup costs caused by chloride and urea products



Proprietary Formula Sets New Industry Standard.

Entry’s unique formulation lowers the freezing point of water as low as -63°F for a greatly increased level of protection against re-freeze. And because it’s a liquid, Entry penetrates snow and ice on contact; you can actually see it work before your eyes in 15 to 30 seconds! No other product on the market works as fast and as safely as Entry.