Halite Rock Salt

Keep your home or business safely clear of ice and snow with Halite rock salt! Halite Rock Salt improves safety by mixing with snow and ice to form saline, which has a lower freezing point than water.  Additionally, Halite Rock Salt effectively melts at temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods of time! Rock salt, the common name for the mineral form of sodium chloride called “halite,” is one of the most affordable and widely used ice melting solutions today.

Ideal for treating large areas away from vegetation when rapid melting isn’t required, this halite rock salt has a 5 oz. per sq. yd. spread rate. This type of ice melt can be harmful to plants and vegetation. While not corrosive to concrete, it can seep into porous concrete and cause damage by expanding and retracting in a refreezing / thawing cycle.

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