We can all relate to the fear of having too much carry over ice melt inventory as well as the fear of running out.  Each fear brings about its own unique but equally petrifying realities.  The inventory surplus reality involves depleting precious warehouse capacity with products that will not be salable for another nine months.  The inventory shortage reality involves key customer’s screaming at you for not having ice melt inventory available to meet their needs. Managing inventory in the ice melt business is the definition of a no win situation.

At SynaTek we do not particularly care for the status quo and we see helping our valued customers solve their problems as a central reason why we exist as a company. In an effort to fix the ice melt inventory management problem, SynaTek has developed a program for eligible participants called the Shelter Inventory Solution. In short, the Shelter Inventory Solution provides eligible participants the ability to inventory ice melt products in a third party warehouse free of any storage expenses through March 31, 2017.


SynaTek has partnered with PW Logistics to provide customers the ability to inventory packaged ice melt products without the pressures of managing limited company owned warehousing capacity.  Once product is authorized by the customer to be warehoused by PW Logistics they will provide the customer with the ability to view inventory levels via an online portal. In addition, PW Logistics will work with the customer to negotiate and coordinate freight from PW Logistics to the ultimate product destination.