Why SynaTek? Products, Inventory, Storage, Logistics & Service

SynaTek is one of the ice melt industries leading distributors of granular and liquid products. We understand the challenges that are associated with unpredictable winter weather conditions. Our goal as a company is not to just simply sell ice melt products but to also provide inventory management solutions. We understand the importance of ice melt and as a result have implemented the following value added services that come along with doing business with SynaTek.

In short the Shelter Inventory Solution allows eligible customers to purchase ice melt products from SynaTek and receive complimentary warehousing services through March 31st. The Shelter Inventory Solution is the gateway that allows you to purchase for what you need not what you can store.

Find more information about the shelter inventory solution here  sis_nowords

SynaTek has seven warehouse locations with indoor storage capacity totaling the size of nearly three football fields. When our competition is waiting on product to ship we are shipping and waiting on product to replenish our inventory.

While other distributors strive to eliminate inventory at the end of the winter season SynaTek expects to carry inventory through the summer.

In an effort to reduce the variables of winter product supply we primarily partner with companies that have the capacity to handle the product from import to packaging. The more hand offs the higher the probability for failure.