Secure 94

Secure 94 boasts 94% ultra-pure calcium chloride pellets which are hygroscopic, exothermic and whose heat exchange speeds the melting process. Manufactured to strict sizing and uniformity standards, Secure 94 consistently melts to -25°F, outperforming other chloride-based de-icers.

Super Fast Acting

Speed counts when conditions are treacherous after a big freeze. The purity of Secure 94’s calcium chloride combined with its exothermic mode of action generates heat almost instantly.

Melts To -25°F

When winter is at its worst, Secure 94 is at its best. With a super-low freeze point of -25°F (-32°C), Secure 94 keeps working when the temperature drops.

Designed For Maximum Penetration

Laboratory testing has determined that Secure 94’s rounded pellets produce the most effective penetration on icy surfaces; better penetration results in faster, more effective and longer-lasting performance.